Video Will

Let’s face it, friends; death is a fact of life. In response to repeat requests from clients, Immortal Memoirs of Cape Cod, in collaboration with Arimux Studios, now offers a NEW Video Will service.

You’ve seen them on TV and in movies, now opt to astonish friends and family with your posthumous high-tech savvy!

Understand, please, that this service is not meant to replace a written will, only to supplement it. Some clients chose to explain the details of their wills in language more personal than the legal jargon of their local notary public. Some wish simply to read their wills before a camera to demonstrate that they are of sound mind so that none may dispute the legitimacy of their wishes after they have passed. Still others wish to comfort those who they have left behind with a few final words of love.

Please also be aware that if any discrepancy exists between written and videotaped wills, the written will remains legally binding.


·         Video Wills are recorded at $200 per hour, and include one edited DVD.

·         Practice/ preparation sessions are recommended at $25 per hour.