Aunt Brenda, circa 1961
Aunt Brenda, circa 1961

Photographic Services

Immortal Memoirs of Cape Cod offers several photographic options:

First, our clients may select any number of photographs to describe in detail during their interview session, either audio or video.

For audio sessions, the photographs are either numbered so that listeners can follow along, or digitally scanned to create a DVD slideshow that plays in synch with each audio description.

For video interviews, photos are either captured briefly by the videographer, or digitally scanned and edited into the corresponding segment of video.


·         An additional fee of $10 will be added to each audio interview hour that utilizes photographs.

·         Digital scanning fees are $2 per photograph.

·         Slideshow fees are $5 per photograph.

·         An additional fee of $25 will be added to each video interview hour that utilizes photographs. 


Put on your Sunday best because our second option is a photo shoot with the professionals at Ellie Petrovits Photography! These contemporary photographs can be included in the finished product of your choice (i.e. slideshow, video, printed biography, etc.) or used as cover art for your audio C.D.

·         Photo shoots are available at $60 per hour in a setting of the client’s choice.

·         One data C.D. is included, and high-quality prints are available at $2 per photo.

·         Cover designs for books and C.D.’s are $25 each.