Digital Voice Recording

This is our most basic service, which many clients choose to begin with before embarking on more elaborate projects. An interviewer meets with a client in a setting of his or her choice. After a free consultation, interview questions are selected by the client and their answers are preserved via a digital audio recorder.


·         Our digital recording service is billed at $25 an hour and includes one data disk either edited, or unedited.

·         Interviews are ideally scheduled in blocks of at least two hours.

·         Audio editing is available at $20 per hour.


At Immortal Memoirs of Cape Cod, we are dedicated to preserving the stories of all who wish to share. Fees for this basic option may be reduced or waived for those who wish to tell their stories for posterity, but who live within modest means. Please do not hesitate to ask; none will be denied access to our services.