In the time-honored storytelling tradition, our affordable pay-as-you-go interview hours are the the first phase of any memoir or personal history project. This is the perfect option for clients who wish to tell their stories immediately, ensuring that those stories will be preserved for future use-- forever. These recordings open the door for any of the final products subsequently described.




Our professional interviewer meets with the client in a setting of his or her choice (yes, we do make house calls!) for a free, no obligation consultation. An informational packet and interview questions are provided. At that time, project options are discussed and a formal interview may be scheduled. In the interrim between consultation and formal interview, the client reviews the extensive interview questions, circling or crossing out questions according to whether or not he or she wishes to discuss them. The interview is digitally recorded and transferred to a data disc that is either delivered to the client and his or her family, or transcribed for print and publication.


·         Our digital recording service is billed at $39 an hour and includes one unedited data disk.

·         Interviews are ideally scheduled in blocks of at least two hours.

·         Audio editing is available for an additional $29 per hour.


At Immortal Memoirs, we are dedicated to preserving the stories of all who wish to share their wisdom and experiences with future generations. Fees for this basic recorded interview service may be reduced or waived for those who wish to tell their stories for posterity, but who live within modest means. Please do not hesitate to ask; none will be denied access to our services.




Immortal Memoirs will type your recorded words verbatem and will deliver to the client one unbound hard copy and one data disc.


The latter can be used to produce more copies, either on a personal computer, or by a professional printing company.


·         We offer transcription services at $29.00 per hour, averaging approximately 60 words per minute.






Our editing process removes interview questions to create a seamless monologue.

If you wish to use this service, please let your interviewer know in advance so that he or she may remind you to clarify the question in your answer for the sake of future listeners.


·         Editing services are $29 per hour.




To be, or not to be...
To be, or not to be...



Immortal Memoirs founder and accomplished creative writer, Marisa Lynn, offers this service to those who wish to produce a memoir that reads like a novel.


Marisa works closely with clients in order to increase readability while remaining faithful to the facts. Clients do, of course, have the final edit of each chapter.This service is especially desirable for those who wish to have their memoirs published.


Excerpts from past works are available upon request.


·         Pricing for this service varies according to the length of the initial interview.



It has never been easier to see your words in print! Immortal Memoirs of will work with local printers to produce a priceless publication of as few as thirty copies. Should you wish to have your story printed, either verbatim or as a dramatized biography, we will ensure that the finished product is exactly as you wish. Ranging from simply bound paperbacks to heirloom quality hardbound books, these treasures will be passed down for countless generations. Those clients who have their stories printed often plan book-signing parties, which they often describe as being among the most fulfilling experiences of their long and storied lives.


·         Prices vary according to desired final product.




Shortly after its inception, Immortal Memoirs assembled a small team of experienced videographers to offer digital video interviews to clients who wanted to be seen as well as heard.

These videographers join the interviewer and client in a setting of the client's choice to pair their treasured stories with unforgettable live footage.

Facial expressions and mannerisms that might otherwise be lost in audio are preserved by this extraordinary experience. Photographs and momentos are often incorporated for a marvelously all-encompassing preservation of the whole human experience.

  • Video interviews are $349.00 per hour, and include one edited DVD.
  • Interviews for this service are scheduled in blocks of at least two hours.
  • Additional DVD’s are available at $9.00 each,
  • Practice/ preparation sessions are strongly recommended, and are $39.00 per hour.




Immortal Memoirs offers several photographic options:

First, our clients may select any number of photographs to describe in detail during their interview session, either audio or video.

For audio sessions, the photographs are either numbered so that listeners can follow along, or digitally scanned to create a DVD slideshow that plays in synch with each audio description.

For video interviews, photos are either captured briefly by the videographer, or digitally scanned and edited into the corresponding segment of video.

·         An additional fee of $19 will be added to each audio interview hour that utilizes photographs.

·         Digital scanning fees are $3 per photograph.

·         Slideshow fees are $3 per photograph.

·         An additional fee of $59 will be added to each video interview hour that utilizes photographs.

 Put on your Sunday best because our second option is a photo shoot with the Immortal Memoirs professionals! These contemporary photographs can be included in the finished product of your choice (i.e. slideshow, video, printed biography, etc.) or simply used as cover art for your audio C.D.

·         Photo shoots are available at $89 per hour in a setting of the client’s choice and include as many drinks as it takes to make you feel like a movie star.

·         One data C.D. is included, and high-quality prints are available at $2 per photo.

·         Cover designs for books and C.D.’s are $89 each.


Let’s face it, friends; death is a fact of life. In response to repeat requests from clients, Immortal Memoirs now offers a NEW Video Will service.

You’ve seen them on TV and in movies. Now opt to astonish friends and family with your posthumous high-tech savvy!

Understand, please, that this service is not meant to replace a written will, only to supplement it. Some clients chose to explain the details of their wills in language more personal than the legal jargon of their local notary public. Some wish simply to read their wills before a camera to demonstrate that they are of sound mind so that none may dispute the legitimacy of their wishes after they have passed. Still others wish to comfort those who they have left behind with a few final words of love.

Please also be aware that if any discrepancy exists between written and videotaped wills, the written will remains legally binding.

  • Video Wills are recorded at $249.00 per hour, and include one edited DVD.
  • Additional D.V.D's are available for $9.00 each.
  • Practice/ preparation sessions are recommended at $29.00 per hour.