As we age, we begin to reflect on our lives as collections of interconnected lessons, or stories. From our triumphs and tragedies we learn much about ourselves and the world around us. Immortal Memoirs of Massachusetts provides a variety of services to seniors who wish to preserve their stories for future generations to love and learn from. We offer free consultations and materials to help seniors recall and organize their life stories. We tailor the experience to suit each individual’s preference, using digital voice recorders, transcription services, camera/ video equipment, and innovative software. Finished products range from professionally bound biographies to documentary style DVD’s. Our pay-as-you-go interview hours include an audio C.D., and are an affordable way to preserve stories for unlimited later use. Please enquire about price reductions or waivers for seniors who wish to tell their stories, but live within modest means. At Immortal Memoirs of Massachusetts, we are dedicated to preserving the stories of all who wish to share them; none will be turned away. Call today to schedule a free consultation for yourself, or someone you love.

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